with the best ...

mit das schönste geschenk an weihnachten

It's a warm day, night out
boys walk trough the streets, without a doubt
I smelled you perfume
and I know this smells belongs to you.

I still remember your name
it's not a shame for me, my blame
it's the same like a sun-filled sky!
Never want this time to pass by.

sitting in a room, light' turning off
the radio played the same song
"if it means a lot to you"
this song i hear it every day long.

Just hold on and look into
my face, this song is only for you
i'm by your side an think
if feels like there are airplanes in my stromach.

we're young and in love
and you awake my heart
i can not more improve
there is nothing to make it better
so come with me
this live is not what i used to be.

when il'm at home my heart still beats you name
nothing is like pain

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