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gute-Stimmung-Verbreiter des Wochenendes

Hello girls and boys
My weekend started on very beautiful. In this I again, through the love volleyball, had a slightlybruised finger.
After school I had to go to tutoring. Math sucks!

Auserd mom donated some new shoes, Oh Ilove it, an a new handcream. There is something else but why not.
Once home I slept fat first 5 or 6 hours. For a change, very nice.
  Well rested, I felt chattetete 5000000 days with a little big boy. Yes I like him already.
And I'm looking forward to this very extensiveentertainment on a very special Christmas.
Voltage build it .... it'll certainly learn more.Something great, you can not keep to ourselves:)
Much more I can't tell not at all, because the weekend is still full of running:
But I've now done two new bracelets
Auserd and I was by the sweetest best friend ever. Has one blue eye
In my eyes i would always ask myself whendeciding for the friends, but you know myopinion it sweeter
I still wish you a nice weekend

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